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Everything You Need To Know About Fasting w/ Dr. David Jockers


  • Learn insights from Dr. Jockers on different types of fasting and which one may be right for you.

  • Learn key insights from Dr. Jockers' latest book, The Fasting Transformation.

  • When regular daily fasting may not be the answer if you are highly stressed and/or need to perform.

  • The importance of silencing inflammation.

  • Fasting as the oldest form of medicine, plus how it can support your immune system and longevity

  • How athletes find success with fasting on occasion or in the offseason

  • Exogenous ketones for performance and health optimization

  • Don't miss the forest for the trees-how you need to still have quality food and caloric surpluses some days when fasting, too.

  • Why stressed people need to be careful with fasting.

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