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How Our Physical Health Influences Our Mental Health & Guilt-FREE Keto Recipes w/ Maria Emmerich

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Join Coach Matt as he sits down with Keto Chef and Health Author, Maria Emmerich, of Mind Body Health. Maria is one of the most renowned health-oriented chefs in the world, specializing in low/zero sugar and low carb recipes. Maria and her husband (and former guest) Craig run Mind Body Health-a complete coaching and information hub for all things keto, ancestral health, and natural living. Maria has also co-authored ketogenic cookbooks along with actress, Hale Berry.

Maria sits down with us to share her journey of reversing her own chronic ailments and transforming her body through nutrition and lifestyle. Maria touches on plenty of useful topics, including how our body & nutrition can influence our mental health, guiltless keto recipes, and how to take a longterm mentality when it comes to a ketogenic lifestyle.


  • Maria's body transformation and health restoration journey where she made a complete 180 in her autoimmune condition and lost a ton of weight to become trim and toned

  • How we treat our physical body can positively or negatively influence our mental health

  • How to take a long-term mindset and stay the course with your nutrition

  • Resources for guilt-free keto desserts all the way to daily dishes you can enjoy with the whole family

  • Maria's advice for getting started

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