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How To Start Your Diet + Using Ketones For Focus & Exercise w/ James Raaff & Simone Singery

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Join Coach Matt as he gets a chance to sit down with Registered Dietician, Simone Singery, and Holistic Health Practitioner, James Raaff from South Africa. James is PhD candidate, health & performance researcher, and Biokineticist. Simone heads up the nutritional counseling portion of the team. Together they help people around the world optimize their health, fitness, and performance at both the House of Holistic Health in Cape Town and through their virtual telehealth system.

In true integrative health fashion, James and Simone break down a whole host of topics you can put in action, from how to use ketones to fuel your training, focus & brain health, nutrition considerations for training, how to personalize your health & nutrition, how genetics play a role in individualizing your health & fitness, how small changes that add up is the secret to success when staying with a diet, as well as practical tips for getting started.


  • How and why it's important to personalize your nutrition and fitness approach.

  • How to get started making small changes that add up to bigger ones.

  • How small changes and 'good days' adding up is the secret to getting started with a new diet or nutritional approach.

  • Nutrition considerations for exercise, training, and endurance sports.

  • How ketones positively influence your brain & focus.

  • How ketones can be used to fuel your exercise, activity, and training.

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