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Are Ketones Vital For Our Health & Fitness? w/ Professor Tim Noakes

Updated: Dec 1, 2020


  • Tim's journey fighting the medical and academia establishments for ketosis to gain acceptance

  • How the brain governs exercise performance & fitness-and how ketones improve brain health thereby improving everything else

  • Why Tim is a huge fan of exogenous ketones

  • Keto’s Effects On Blood Sugar

  • What Tim eats in a day

  • Why he believes ketosis is beneficial for most people

  • Eating meat is vital-not eating meat is behind most malnourishment

  • Tim's current focus with his foundation and work

  • How Tim's foundation trains doctors to open up to ketosis, LCHF, and how that can change our medical model from the top-down

  • Tim's Foundation

  • Twitter

Professor Tim Noakes, OMS Professor Tim Noakes is a doctor, scientist, author, and educator on health, nutrition, & human performance. Professor Noakes has published more than 750 scientific books and articles. He has been cited more than 19,000 times in scientific literature, has won numerous awards over the years, and serves on many editorial boards, including as Chief Medical Officer of the Nutrition Network. Tim still trains and competes in endurance sports to this day at age 71.

The Noakes Foundation

The Noakes Foundation aims to advance the world’s health by expanding the medical profession’s understanding of proper nutrition-including the benefits of low carb, high fat (L.C.H.F.) nutrition. The foundation relies purely on funding-donate at

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