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Weight Loss Plateaus, Food Intolerances & Staying Fit Over 40 w/ JJ Virgin

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Nutrition & Fitness Pro, JJ Virgin, sits down with Coach Matt to discuss how to stay fit and healthy over 40 while still living a busy life. JJ is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Exercise Physiologist, Health Author, Actor & has been relied on as a health & fitness authority many times, including on the Dr. Phil show.

She and Coach Matt discuss her book, Warrior Mom, how mindset is critical in maintaining your health & fitness. We also get into how to start shifting your mindset for success. JJ also dives into food intolerances and how they may be sabotaging your success before getting into how to deal with weight loss plateaus, sugar, the importance of electrolytes and more!


  • How mindset is critical to your health and how to shift for the better.

  • How food intolerances may be crushing your health and causing weight gain

  • How to deal with a weight loss plateau

  • Maintaining health & fitness over 40

  • Why eating less may actually be harming you

  • The benefits of ketones in your system

  • How following a flexible approach to fat-adapting your system is better than a full-on strict ketogenic diet for most.

  • The importance of electrolytes

  • The differences in natural, fruit sugar vs most refined sugar products

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