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Is Keto Too Strict? Should We Be More Flexible? Lessons For The New Year

Updated: Dec 29, 2020


  • An extra special, year in review show where Coach Matt drops vital lessons from each guest from the previous year. Consider this show a highlight reel of practical tips and info to take with you as you step forward into the new calendar year. This includes vital info, such as:

  • Is it better to adapt your metabolism and intake exogenous ketones than do a strict keto diet forever?

  • Is strict keto stressful on the body long-term?

  • How to source your food naturally for optimal nutrient density and cleanliness

  • Principles keto can teach us: How to be more flexible with your diet AND have more success.

  • Should we be eating more carbs?

  • How do ketones impact sport performance?

  • Should we be eating meat?

  • & much, much more!

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