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Nutrition For Energy, Brain Power & Stress Relief w/ Chris Albert

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Coach Coop sits down with Marine Corps veteran, podcast host, and trainer, Chris Albert. Once a homeless veteran, Chris shares how he rebuilt his life and health to become a worldwide trainer & positive influence in the veteran community.

Together, they talk about nutrition, sleep, training, and issues affecting the veteran community. Chris is one of the originals in the keto wave and talks about how his nutrition has evolved since.


  • How Chris went from a homeless, struggling veteran to a worldwide trainer and personality in the veteran community

  • Nutrition that helped Chris with his autoimmune condition

  • How a lack of quality nutrition affects the health and performance of those in the military

  • How bad lifestyle habits when you're young stack up

  • Chris's nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle advice for veterans

  • Top Supplements for brain health

  • Vitamin D & ketones as a neuroprotectant and recovering from traumatic brain injury (TBI)

  • Chris & Matt's top supplements for the brain, energy, mental & emotional health

  • Supplements to reduce anxiety

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