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Nutrition For Brain Power & Better Sleep w/ Craig Emmerich

Updated: Jun 22, 2021


  • Best-selling nutrition author, Craig Emmerich dives into his journey into ancestral nutrition, ketosis, fasting, and more!

  • Craig & his wife Maria's simple, delicious keto and low carb recipes and books they've created in conjunction with Halle Berry.

  • How babies are born in a state of ketosis and their developing brains love ketones.

  • Is the brain's favorite fuel source ketones?

  • Can ketones relieve anxiety?

  • What's up with the carnivore diet? Who should do it?

  • Nature's multivitamins: nutrient-dense foods like oysters and organ meats that everyone should include in their diet.

  • Does the brain perform best on ketones?

  • Sleep hacks that everyone can easily do to improve their sleep.

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